Tint Comparisons

Why We Don't Carry Standard Films. (Dye)

Almost everyone has seen window films that have turned purple and/or bubbled from exposure to the sun. Standard films are dyed material – not only do they fade over time, it also rejects the least amount of heat, and would absorb some heat into the vehicle, rather than reflect it back. Dyed films are the most cost effective option in the beginning, but have the shortest life span due to its fading, bubbling, peeling and only covers limited warranty. Over time it may end up being the most expensive as it needs to be replaced

We carry our manufacturer's top 3 film grades: premium, ultimate and ceramic, to make sure that our customers get the very best product on their windows and will be happy with the overall experience of getting their vehicle tinted with us.

  • Superior heat rejection for best interior comfort.
  • Advanced infrared & UV protection.
  • High clarity films for better experience seeing out.
  • No signal interferance.
  • "Black" finish non-reflective that will not fade.
  • Superior endurance results in quality and performance.
  • Complete lifetime Warranty against all defects: fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, blurring, delamination.
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