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Special Vehicle Pricing

Due to the additional care and time that is required in completing tint installation on these specific vehicles, the standard pricings do not apply.

Ultimate Performance
Ultimate Performance

Prices Include: Tinting all sides and rear glass with Ultimate Performance package. Windshield tinting extra. Ceramic IR upgrade extra.

Exotic Cars

Aston Martin
Bentley Continental
& most classic cars
Starting at $400


Audi A6 $329
Audi A8 $400
Bentley Flying Spur $800
BMW 7 Series $400
BMW I3 $400
Honda Clarity $400
Jaguar XJ $400
Lexus LS $400
Maserati Quattroporte $400
Mercedes E Class Coupes < 2016 $400
Mercedes E Class Coupes > 2017 $475
Mercedes Maybach $400
Mercedes S Class $400
Porsche Panamera $475
Rolls Royce $800
Tesla 3 $495


SUV Tint Pricing
Tesla X $550
Jaguar F Pace $400
Land Rover LR3 $400
Porsche Cayenne, Macan $400
Mercedes G Class $400
Range Rover $475
Toyota RAV4 > 2019 $400
Volvo SUV $400

2016+ Civic Hatchbacks require additional time when being prepped for tinting. Additional $40 from our standard $229 is applied for the premium package. Ultimate $329 (same price). Ceramic IR $429 (same price)

2016+ Civic Hatchback
Starting at $269

Premium Vehicle Pricing

2019 Toyota RAV4

2015+ VW GTI

Our standard pricings does not include the 2 front triangle windows. Very limited and tight space.

VW GTI Tint Pricing
VW GTI Tint Pricing